During the summer of 2009, Michael was preparing for a series of comeback concerts titled This Is It. The shows would have been the superstar's first since his HIStory World Tour in 1997. Less than three weeks before the tour was set to kick off, Michael passed away after suffering cardiac arrest.

Since Michael's death, there have been reports that Michael was addicted to drugs, but the Cascio family says they never saw any signs of drug abuse. "It was unfortunate to learn of the so-called problem or addiction that we now know he suffered from," Eddie says.

The family says they spoke to Michael just three days before he died, when he called their home on Father's Day. They say his death has been hard on all of them. "It's an everyday battle that we all have," Connie says. "We all mention his name all day—at least once a day we mention him—because we actually can feel him in our home."


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