Although it may seem like an impossible secret to keep, the Cascios say they were able to hide their friendship with the King of Pop from most of the world.

"Michael was very private, and he saw the warmth and how we respected him for who he was and how he just didn't want us to be that family that goes out and, you know, talks about Michael Jackson," Eddie says. "And we never did that."

The family says they also used to celebrate Christmas with Michael. While the Cascios say the superstar never showered them with lavish gifts, they did exchange Christmas presents with him each year. They say Michael loved books, art and Disney paraphernalia.

After Michael had his own children, the Cascios say they continued to be a big part of Michael's life. They say they were even there for the birth of his children.

"He trusted no one but us. ... Other than the nanny, we were the other family that he left the kids with," Connie says.


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