Howie Mandel

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Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel talks to Oprah via satellite to help her get over her Monday morning quarterbacking. "So the point is that you're having me back on to tell me it's all my fault," Howie jokes.

Oprah says one part of the game that is bothering her is that when she had two cases left, Howie didn't ask her if she wanted to keep her own case or switch, as he does on the primetime show. "The answer is, I don't know why I didn't," Howie says.

Oprah's two major regrets are choosing case number 8, instead of her favorite number 11, and rejecting the banker's offer of $50,000. She says she didn't choose 11 because she saw two other people win big money on the show with case number 8. "I can't speak to the fact that you picked number 8. … There isn't a favorite case. It's all random. Don't know why you did that. You're going to have to live with that," Howie says.

"But I will say the fact that you didn't take the $50,000 and the fact that you played on is what makes you you and what makes you a winner," he says. "The people that are winners in this life are the people that just go for it and chase their dreams and don't see the negative possibilities in taking one step forward. That's what you did. You went for it. You went for the dream. … You wouldn't be as successful as you are and who you are if you weren't the kind of person that went all the way."

"I thank you for that," Oprah says.