Oprah plays 'Deal or No Deal.'

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Since Oprah played the hugely popular game Deal or No Deal on her show, she hasn't been able to sleep!

In the game, Oprah chose case number 8, hoping it would hold $100,000 for a lucky audience member. As she eliminated the cases one by one, Oprah turned down all the banker's offers—even one for $50,000! At the end of the game, Oprah discovered her case held only $5,000…but thanks to Hershey's, an audience member still went home with $100,000!

Even though the game had a happy ending, Oprah is still kicking herself for some of the choices she made. "I wake up in the middle of the night and think, 'I should've picked 11. I should've picked 11. I should've done the deal at $50,000. I should've done the deal at $50,000. Why didn't I do the deal at $50,000?" Oprah says. "I've been driving everybody crazy with it."