David and Oprah talk about their moment of connection

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Oprah hasn't seen David since that show, but he's here today! David says that after years of inactivity, he now enjoys riding his bike and staying fit. Is he still driving the car? "All the time!" he says.

Oprah says that the most special moment of the surprise for her was not captured on camera. "When I said, 'The car is yours,' you looked at me and our eyes connected," Oprah tells David. "You mouthed the words 'Thank you,' and I felt that in my soul."

David says that he experienced the same emotion! "I felt like our spirits just [came together] and gave each other a big hug," he says. "All my life [as an overweight person] no one ever gave me eye contact. … That day it was exactly as you said—I felt I was just a new person."

David says that being on the show gave him a gift he "wouldn't trade for 50 Porsches." At the time of the show, his mother was dying of lung disease; she passed away six months afterward. "She kept telling me she was very proud of me and very excited for me and happy that I'm going to live a long time. … I'm happy she was able to go knowing that her boy that she cared about her entire life is going to be okay."