Stacey talks about her love life.

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Stacey may have dieting under control, but she says dating is still a sore subject.

"I'm working on dating because I have a problem with my naked body," she says. "I feel sexy with clothes on. I still have an intimacy issue. And guess what? This weight issue's never over."

Many assume that as overweight people lose the pounds, the pain also disappears, but Stacey says this is a big misconception. "People are in for a rude awakening, and that's what I talk about [in my book]," she says. "[I say,] 'Okay, you made it there. How do you adjust to this new life?'"

The support of strangers has helped Stacey overcome obstacles and create a new life for herself, she says. "I go out on the street, I'm lucky enough that people come up to me every day. What they don't know is they're helping me. They think I'm helping them," she tells Oprah. "You have given me a cheering squad out in the world wherever I go, and it's such a beautiful thing."