One of Oprah Show viewers' favorite guests was Jeff, who Oprah called "the most determined man in Mississippi." Jeff once weighed over 800 pounds. When he signed on for Oprah and Bob Greene's Best Life Challenge, he was already down to about 650. He told Bob and Oprah he was committed to losing even more. "I do pool work every day. I walk in the water and do aerobics in the water," he said. "I do a workout with free weights."

Less than a year later, Jeff says he's lost about 100 more pounds. Now he doesn't only take water aerobics...he teaches it! "I've got a power class that's strictly geared to people who are a hundred pounds overweight, and I have 14 to 16 people each class," he says. He also rides the stationary bike for 40 minutes three times a week and lifts weights.


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