Savannah and Nicholas are still too young to know the story of Michael and Alex, David says. "They know there were two little boys that their daddy loved, and they know that they're in heaven," he says. "Each one has asked different questions about Michael and Alex, and I always give them just enough at that time to satisfy the questions. I don't go into more detail than I have to," he says.

David says he still visits his sons' graves. "Sometimes it will be 1 in the afternoon, or I find myself out there at 3 in the morning in the rain," he says. "It's just whenever it hits me."

Today Michael and Alex would be 17 and 15, respectively, but David says they'll always be little boys to him. "I try to picture them at different ages and what they'd be doing," he says. "But it always just comes back to 3 and 14 months old. That's the way I remember them."


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