Since the tragedy, David has been given another chance at fatherhood. "I think God knew I had so much love to give another child. When she was born, ... I said, 'Savannah, I promise you right here, right now, that I won't be afraid to love you because of what happened to Michael and Alex," David says.

David has two children: Savannah, 8, and Nicholas, 6. "They both remind me in some ways of Michael and Alex," he says. "Savannah, she's real soft-hearted. She gets her feelings hurt very easily, same as Michael. Whereas Nicholas, he's very rambunctious. ... He's a lot like Alex."

Though he says he might be more overprotective than other parents, David says he's kept his promise to Savannah. "I don't want to take for granted any time I can spend with them now because I know how quickly that can change," he says.


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