With every life experience, like a breakup, Melissa says she learns more about personal growth. "As I've gone through this life, having gone through breast cancer almost six years ago now, [I've learned] that it's about evolving," she says. "I feel like now I'm walking my life. I'm realizing that I'm no good to anyone else unless I'm completely in love with myself and good with myself."

Melissa says cancer was a eye-opener for her. "That's what [my new] album is about. It's about every day our choice between love and fear. And cancer was the first real huge one for me," she says. "I can look at cancer as a disease that picks me out and 'why me,' or I can look at it through love and say 'This is a wake-up call. This is my body telling me: Hey, you're out of balance here. It's time to get in line with yourself.'"


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