The McGhee family
Photo: Brian and Janine Killian of Peters Photography
It's the photo that made millions of hearts melt. This image of a mother, a father and their tiny treasures made its way around the Internet, and when Oprah first saw it, she says she had to meet this family. "I love that picture. I love it," she says.

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Now, just a few months after the picture was taken, Rozonno and Mia McGhee and their sextuplets—Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Elijah and Isaac—are here!

Mia, the sextuplets' mother, says they became an Internet sensation by accident after she posted the photo on her Facebook page so her husband's family could see it. "The next thing you know, everybody [was] tagging each other," Mia says. Now, the McGhee multiples are known all over the world.
Rozonno and Mia McGhee
How did these six miracles come to be? Rozonno and Mia were both raised by single mothers in a crime-ridden, low-income Ohio community. Rozonno says his mom was on drugs for 19 years. "One day I walked in the room, [my mother] was reading the Bible, and she was also smoking crack," Rozonno says.

Growing up, Mia says her mother was on welfare, and her two older brothers were caught up in criminal activity. "[My brothers] didn't make it out," she says.

Mia and Rozonno's lives changed when they started dating in high school. "I used to see her walking down the hallway, and she always held books in her hands like she was on a mission," Rozonno says. "I knew that she was my wife."

They got married when they were only 18 and 19 years old and were determined to create the family they never had. "Since I didn't have a father, I've always wanted my children to have a father," Mia says. "I wanted, of course, to graduate from high school, go to college, get married."

After establishing their careers and buying a home, Rozonno and Mia started trying to have a baby.
Mia McGhee
Rozonno and Mia tried to get pregnant for three years before turning to fertility treatments. Soon after, Mia became pregnant with twins.

But Mia went into pre-term labor and the unthinkable happened in the delivery room just after they were born. "They were kicking and moving and everything. But when they clipped the cord is when they died," Mia says through tears. "I remember when it hit me. [I thought,] 'My God, why did this happen to us?'"

Still grieving the loss of their twins, Rozonno and Mia tried again and got the shock of a lifetime—they had sextuplets!
Oprah and the McGhee family
Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios
Despite the sleep deprivation and constant diaper changing, Mia and Rozonno say they're thankful for their miracle babies. "It can become overwhelming, but it's a joy," Mia says. "It's a joy being a mom now."

Mia stays at home with the sextuplets while Rozonno runs his carpet-cleaning service called McGhee Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. "If you live near Columbus, Ohio, and you need your carpets cleaned, please call this man," Oprah says. "He needs your business."

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Thankfully, the McGhees say they also get a lot of help during the week. "Most days, maybe two or three people come throughout the morning and then the night to help with baths and help with cleanup," Mia says.

In order to keep the house tidy, Mia sticks to a schedule and has a system for getting everything done. She says she cleans the babies' bottles as soon as they're done eating and disposes of diapers and trash regularly. "That keeps the smells down," she says.

After eight months of practice, Mia says she can change six diapers in just 10 minutes! "When I was at the airport, I actually held one baby and changed another," she says.
The McGhee sextuplets
Mia and Rozonno say each of their children has a distinct personality: Rozonno Jr. is the laid-back one, Elijah is the cuddly one, Isaac is the jealous one—"He doesn't want you playing with any other baby. It's all about him," Rozonno says—Josiah is the smiley one, Madison is the feisty one and Olivia is Daddy's little girl.

Mia works hard to be the best mother she can be to the sextuplets, and she has inspiring dreams for her family.

"I want to make sure I instill values in them. First love God—know God and love God first because he brought them here with purpose," Mia says. "But I want them also to get an education, a good education. That's something we're still working on, which we're going to do. ... And just be productive citizens."
Oprah and the McGhees
Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios
For their short trip to The Oprah Show, these busy parents filled six pieces of luggage with 150 diapers and extra formula, toys and clothes. They also brought along four friends to help! For such little babies, the McGhee sextuplets go through a lot of supplies with bottle feedings four times a day and cereal twice a day. "I'm always running out of something," Mia says.

"Well, there are some very caring neighbors in your community," Oprah says. "These are folks who work at your local Walmart, and let me just tell you this, they are looking forward to meeting all of you."

Surprise! Walmart is giving Mia and Rozonno $250,000 in store credit. "That's more than enough to take care of your family needs for years to come," Oprah says.

"Oh my God," Mia says. "Wow."

The McGhees are speechless, but Oprah says, "Take a breath because we're not done..."
The McGhees, Oprah and Celine Dion
Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios
Superstar Celine Dion joins Oprah and the McGhees on stage for a second surprise. "Celine and I found out that after 11 years of marriage, the two of you still haven't gone on a honeymoon," Oprah says.

So thanks to Oprah and Celine's friends at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas—the home of Celine's spectacular new show—the McGhees are going on a dream honeymoon!

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"Oh, my God!" Mia says.

Rozanno and Mia will stay four nights in the Forum Tower Emperor's Suite at Caesars Palace, which comes complete with butler service. While at Caesars, they'll receive tickets to Celine's show and Matt Goss Live, dine at Rao's, enjoy luxurious spa treatments and go on a $500 shopping spree at the Forum Shops!

In true Vegas fashion, Rozonno and Mia aren't the only two who are hitting the jackpot. Oprah announces that everyone in the audience is getting two tickets to Celine's show and two free nights at Caesars Palace. "Today's your lucky day!" Oprah says.

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