Superstar Celine Dion joins Oprah and the McGhees on stage for a second surprise. "Celine and I found out that after 11 years of marriage, the two of you still haven't gone on a honeymoon," Oprah says.

So thanks to Oprah and Celine's friends at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas—the home of Celine's spectacular new show—the McGhees are going on a dream honeymoon!

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"Oh, my God!" Mia says.

Rozanno and Mia will stay four nights in the Forum Tower Emperor's Suite at Caesars Palace, which comes complete with butler service. While at Caesars, they'll receive tickets to Celine's show and Matt Goss Live, dine at Rao's, enjoy luxurious spa treatments and go on a $500 shopping spree at the Forum Shops!

In true Vegas fashion, Rozonno and Mia aren't the only two who are hitting the jackpot. Oprah announces that everyone in the audience is getting two tickets to Celine's show and two free nights at Caesars Palace. "Today's your lucky day!" Oprah says.

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