For their short trip to The Oprah Show, these busy parents filled six pieces of luggage with 150 diapers and extra formula, toys and clothes. They also brought along four friends to help! For such little babies, the McGhee sextuplets go through a lot of supplies with bottle feedings four times a day and cereal twice a day. "I'm always running out of something," Mia says.

"Well, there are some very caring neighbors in your community," Oprah says. "These are folks who work at your local Walmart, and let me just tell you this, they are looking forward to meeting all of you."

Surprise! Walmart is giving Mia and Rozonno $250,000 in store credit. "That's more than enough to take care of your family needs for years to come," Oprah says.

"Oh my God," Mia says. "Wow."

The McGhees are speechless, but Oprah says, "Take a breath because we're not done..."


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