Mia and Rozonno say each of their children has a distinct personality: Rozonno Jr. is the laid-back one, Elijah is the cuddly one, Isaac is the jealous one—"He doesn't want you playing with any other baby. It's all about him," Rozonno says—Josiah is the smiley one, Madison is the feisty one and Olivia is Daddy's little girl.

Mia works hard to be the best mother she can be to the sextuplets, and she has inspiring dreams for her family.

"I want to make sure I instill values in them. First love God—know God and love God first because he brought them here with purpose," Mia says. "But I want them also to get an education, a good education. That's something we're still working on, which we're going to do. ... And just be productive citizens."


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