Despite the sleep deprivation and constant diaper changing, Mia and Rozonno say they're thankful for their miracle babies. "It can become overwhelming, but it's a joy," Mia says. "It's a joy being a mom now."

Mia stays at home with the sextuplets while Rozonno runs his carpet-cleaning service called McGhee Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. "If you live near Columbus, Ohio, and you need your carpets cleaned, please call this man," Oprah says. "He needs your business."

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Thankfully, the McGhees say they also get a lot of help during the week. "Most days, maybe two or three people come throughout the morning and then the night to help with baths and help with cleanup," Mia says.

In order to keep the house tidy, Mia sticks to a schedule and has a system for getting everything done. She says she cleans the babies' bottles as soon as they're done eating and disposes of diapers and trash regularly. "That keeps the smells down," she says.

After eight months of practice, Mia says she can change six diapers in just 10 minutes! "When I was at the airport, I actually held one baby and changed another," she says.


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