Jen and Bill may be smaller than the average couple, but their first year of marriage is very familiar. Cameras capture the couple holding hands, arguing, grocery shopping and cooking. The show also highlights some daily challenges of dwarfism.

When they go to the grocery store, Jen climbs shelves to reach items, while Bill prefers to throw things toward the top shelf and knock down the food on their shopping list.

Finding clothes that fit can also be a challenge. "Jen's taught me a lot about shopping off the rack. She's done some amazing things with children's clothes," Bill says. "I've introduced her to custom clothing, which is kind of nice."

Many people born with dwarfism also have to deal with a lifetime of health concerns. "Bill and I have both had about, give or take, 30 surgeries—all of orthopedic nature—so that we can walk and stand straight and get around as well as we do," Jen says.


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