Thousands of Ruby's fans are struggling to lose weight right along with her. Kathy, a Florida woman who's been watching since the first episode, says Ruby inspired her to take control of her health.

Kathy says she's been struggling with weight since she was 8 years old. Now, at 44 years old, she says it's time to finally start living. "I've been afraid to go outside sometimes because I don't like people staring at me," she says. "I've tried every diet program you can imagine, and it can't be a diet anymore. It's got to be a life change."

After seeing Ruby do everything from swim to ride motorcycles on her show, Kathy took action and lost more than 50 pounds. "Ruby was my aha! moment," she says. "I was watching her show, and I was like, 'God, I can't believe she's that big and she's doing all these things.' ... I need to know that there's other people out there that are living my life."

As Kathy heads outside for her daily walk, she has a special surprise waiting—Ruby! The two women take a stroll down Daytona's main street, something Kathy says she's only done once before.

During their walk, Kathy tells Ruby why she doesn't fly on airplanes. "I don't like going in planes, because it's just humiliating sometimes," Kathy says.

"I want you to fly for me and meet me at The Oprah Show," Ruby says. "Think of everybody in America that thinks they can't. You can be the person to show them you can."

With a little encouragement, Kathy did just that!


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