Losing weight and inspiring others aren't Ruby's only goals. With the help of a therapist, Ruby is also hoping to discover why she's addicted to food.

For years, Ruby says she thought it was all about the food, but like Oprah, she's come to realize there's more to the story. "The unexpected surprise is when I went to the therapist, and I found out it was more mental than I thought," she says. "It's not about eating. It's not about the food. It's about something deeper. It's an addiction."

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Ruby says this is one reason she opted not to have gastric bypass surgery. "If people want to do it, that's great for them, but if I do it I'm not going to find the problem. I'll just get surgery, and what happens afterward? How am I going to learn what to eat? How am I going to learn what the problem is? I need to find out what made me this way."


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