Matthew Mancuso

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In her new home, Masha was surprised to discover that she didn't have a bedroom. Instead, Mancuso made Masha sleep with him. The first night, Masha says, she was unable to sleep as Mancuso tried to fondle her. Within days, Mancuso began molesting Masha every night in bed.

Her new father turned out to be a diabolical child pornographer who forced Masha to live as his sex slave. Mancuso took hundreds of pornographic pictures of Masha, then posted them on the Internet, where he traded them with other pedophiles. He dressed Masha as a young bride and forced her to pretend they were getting married. He chained Masha in his basement. He starved his adopted daughter to keep her young body from maturing. And, he forced Masha to take showers with him every day.