September 7, 2005 Leaving Waveland

Heading to Texas now where over 250,000 evacuees are living. After being down here in the Gulfland for the past week and catching up on the latest media stories I think we need more hope rehabilitate...people need direction, what to do first, second, third...people need resolve (it will take a long time with many more frustrations)...people need practical ways to move many are waiting to be told what to do, they NEED direction...yearning to put a foot forward yet unsure of where to step....

If they get this, it will give them hope. This is the only way to repair, move forward, and evolve...this can only be done through uniting, not dividing. Looking for places to place blame is not constructive right now, it will divide. Yes, later, accountability should be scored, but right now it only serves to digress the spirit and will from self-reliance, from self-respect, and self-significance, instead of towards a future and livelihood, individually, as a nation, and as a people.

Just keep livin, McConaughey

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