Jim Jones Jr., Jones' son, then 18, wasn't in Jonestown on the day of the mass murder-suicide. He was 150 miles away in Georgetown, Guyana, playing in a basketball tournament. "My father radioed to me that they were 'visiting Ms. Frazier,' which was code for committing suicide," he says. "I argued with him. I said: 'Isn't there another way? Can't we do something else?' My father told us to find knives, piano wire, poison if we were able to find it, and commit suicide."

Jim says he couldn't believe what he was told. "I was concerned about my loved ones, my family, my wife," he says. Jim's parents, brother, sister, wife and unborn baby died that day.

After getting the radio call from his father, Jim says he and other members of the basketball team went to the U.S. Embassy to find out what was going on. "We thought we could stop it," he says.

Jim says there had been practice drills of suicide leading up to that day. "It was a test of loyalty, you know? People would line up and pledge their life to the cause," he says. "The cause was non-isms. Non-racism, non-sexism, non-ageism."


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