Mary Jo talks about her ex-husband

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Many have wondered why Mary Jo didn't leave Joey. Mary Jo explains the combination of factors that made her stay. "I guess at the beginning, let's face it, I was almost dead," she explains. "That's certainly not the time—you're not feeling your best when you get home."

While the public obsessed about the affair, Mary Jo says she was simply trying to move on with the life she knew. "The kids were little...I was raised Irish Catholic...I didn't know anybody who ever got a divorce," she says. "My anger—and I look at it now and I cringe because I was so angry back in the day—was that it turned into this, 'Did he or didn't he?' Instead of, 'Hey, what about me?'"

Mary Jo spent a year working to release Amy Fisher from prison as part of her own healing process. But she says Joey didn't lend support when she needed him most. At 45, she says she had an aha! moment that would end her marriage. "Now, for once in my life, I'm doing something for me to make me feel better about me, and you don't like it," Mary Jo says of her ex-husband. "And that was it. And I said, 'I've got to go.'"