Amy appeared on Oprah in September 2004

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When Amy was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004, she revealed that she's never spoken to Mary Jo—even after Mary Jo wrote a letter asking for Amy's early release from prison. Oprah asked Amy to speak directly to Mary Jo. "I take full responsibility for what I did to her, and I'm very, very, deeply sorry. doesn't even sound like enough to say," Amy said. "At the time I thought, 'Well, okay, I shot her, but she's alive and she's healed, so she'll go on.' I didn't realize fully what I took from her emotionally and what I took from her children and her parents and everybody that loved her."

Mary Jo says that while Amy's choice of words were fine, she doesn't believe that Amy truly understands why she was apologizing. "There's no emotion. There's no real feeling," she says. "I believe with all my heart now she is sorry. I know she feels terrible, and she really is remorseful. But I don't think she's ever gotten it. 'What on Earth made me at 17 years old walk up to that lady's house and put a bullet in the side of her head?' She just won't go there."

In another comment, Amy made a joke about what she's learned from her experience: "Obviously, it's not nice to shoot people."

This really made Mary Jo upset. "I'm not a joke," she says.