Martha says she grew up wanting to be a teacher—and that's what Oprah says she's become to so many women. "One of the reasons why we wanted to have you on and celebrate what you've meant to the culture is because watching you, so many women saw that the talents they had they could use in such a way to share with other people—either in their family or community or actually turn it into a business," Oprah says.

Martha says Steven Spielberg, her neighbor in the Hamptons, once described what she's accomplished in a way she never forgot. "He said, 'I think that you, more than anybody, have turned the chore of homemaking into an art form, and it's to be celebrated,'" she says. "I love that kind of recognition—the teaching, the doing, the high quality, the trustworthiness of the products. All of that is the most important to me." 

Looking back her accomplishments, what would Martha tell her younger self? "I would tell that young girl to continue to be curious. Continue to always look to the future. To try to be very passionate in life," she says. "Passionate not just in love affairs, but passionate in work with a great idea. We wouldn't have some of the greatest companies in America if they had not been passionate about what they thought about."

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