Martha says she did her best to make the most of her time in prison. "I woke up thinking: 'I have my job to do. I can read all the newspapers I want. I can read books,'" she says. "I thought a lot. I used the time extremely well. And I had visitors all the time."

Martha also had the chance to pursue some of her passions, like ceramics. "They said you could do one ceramic every three months or something, but I sort of persuaded them that the entire nativity crèche was one project," she says. "I had from baby Jesus all the way to the wise men. And they were large figures, and I did them all in drabware."

While in prison, Martha says she learned she could live without any luxury whatsoever. "I think many of us have an inner strength that you do not know until you are tested," she says. "This was a test. I kept my head up. I kept my friends intact, most of them. I kept my spirit high, and I moved on."


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