Though her trial and prison sentence were difficult, Martha says they never broke her."It would be hurtful for anyone to go through that kind of scrutiny," she says. "When I look back on it, it all seems so surreal."

Martha went from running her own company to waxing floors in prison. "I knew how to wax. That was easy. The hard part was learning how to clean the waxer," she says. "I had the best time because if you have a job you, do it well. That's been my obligation my entire life—to do the job well."

Watch Martha discuss life in prison

Martha says she also discovered a new cleaning tool—the rug cleaner. "I had the best time," she says. "That place was sparkling when I left."

Still, there was one place Martha says she kept cleaner than any other—the shower. "I was up before anybody and in the shower before the bell rang," she says.


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