It's been 15 years since the unforgettable not-guilty verdict rocked the courtroom, but the overlooked evidence and countless mistakes that Mark says plagued the entire O.J. Simpson trial still leave him frustrated with the key players in the court. Oprah asks Mark what he would say now to them.

Philip Vannatter, lead detective on the case
"He was a clown in a detective suit. Everything he touched turned to lead."

Prosecuting attorney Marcia Clark
"She knew. She knew all about Vannatter, she knew all about Roberts. She knew that Vannatter didn't find that evidence. She covered it up because she didn't want Roberts on the stand."

Prosecuting attorney Chris Darden
"Stop being angry. You participated in the failure. You did nothing creative. You did nothing to stop this."

Mark says he believes he should have gone public 16 years ago with what he says he knew about the investigation. "Roberts and I could have stopped the trial in August of 1994, and we should have," he says. "When we saw that [Vannatter] was taking Roberts' observations and discoveries and making them his own, we should have stopped it right there."

When contacted by The Oprah Show, retired LAPD detective Phil Vannatter declined to comment on Mark Fuhrman's allegations, except to say it has been 15 years and he has moved on.

In her statement, Marcia Clark says: "I find with Mark Fuhrman, there has been a lot of rewriting history about the case. Phil Vannatter was put on the stand because he was the detective listed in police reports who had recovered the evidence. He certainly did not cause the case to be lost."


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