Appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997, Mark said he wished he had just admitted that he had used the N-word before. "I owe everyone an apology, including you," he said to Oprah.

Though he said he is not a racist, Mark said being caught in a lie allowed the defense to turn the trial's focus from crime to racism. "This was a murder case, a tragic murder case. Race had no place in this," he said then. "I feel responsible for giving the defense exactly what they were looking for. They had nothing to fight the case. They had to turn to something."

At the time, Mark said he had no regrets about his work. "I did good detective work in this case. I brought forward a lot of evidence, and so did my partner, Brad Roberts," he said. "If that would have just been used, history would have been a little different."


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