With his detective days behind him, Mark says he misses the "blue-collar life" and having a rough-and-tumble job with people who both inspire and respect him. It's was an anonymous career he hasn't been able to enjoy in some time, he says. "Sixteen years," Mark says. "That's almost the amount of time I spent on the department. I'm not broken down. I can still solve a couple of things. So, all this time, I've wasted."

Instead of being remembered for good detective work, Mark believes his legacy will be focused on his disparaging role in the most memorable trial of his lifetime. "'The disgraced detective from the O.J. Simpson case died today,'" Mark quotes. "That will be the lead sentence [in my obituary]."

"And what would you want your legacy to be?" Oprah asks.

"Nothing," Mark says. "Nothing."

Watch Mark reveal his biggest regret about his involvement in this case.


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