As the holidays approach, Marie and her family are bracing themselves to spend it without Michael. Last year, they were all together in Las Vegas, but Marie says carrying on this tradition would be too painful for everyone. So she is consciously changing the family's pattern—moving the holiday festivities to New York City.

"You're changing the pattern on purpose," Oprah says.

"On purpose," Marie answers.

Watch Marie and Michael's siblings share their memories of him at their home in Las Vegas.   

Marie says her faith helps her to know that she'll see her son again someday. She also knows Michael would want her to find happiness.

"He knew that walking through life alone is hard, and he wanted me to be happy. He was proud of me," Marie says. "Stepping away from sadness into light again and walking forward with my life—I think we teach our children to do those things. But really, we don't teach them anything. They teach us to have strength for them."


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