Chad, now 30 years old, says the abuse he suffered as a child makes it hard for him to trust people, especially when it comes to relationships. "I had a marriage gone bad, and it was more so to my having issues with trusting, feeling good enough, feeling worthy enough for somebody," he says.

Chad says his ex-wife didn't find out about the abuse until after they were married. "She stuck around longer than I think most women would have," he says.

Sick and tired of ruining his relationships, Chad decided it was time to confront his father. In 2010, a year and a half since Chad last saw his father, he went to his father's home and told him he was there to talk about what happened. "He didn't want to come in the house, and then I threatened to yell it through the neighborhood," Chad says. "Finally, he came in and sat down, and I had brought a list of everything: how it's affected me, what he did."

Oprah Show producers contacted Chad's father, who admitted to molesting his son.


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