Statistics show that 90 percent of child molesters target children they know. In Chad's case, the perpetrator lived in his house and shared his last name.

When Chad was just 7 years old, he says his biological father began to sexually abuse him. "It seemed to me like every time my mother would leave the house that the abuse would happen," Chad says. "It started off more with him just having me touch him, but then it did progress to oral sex."

For seven years, Chad says he was regularly molested by his father, sometimes as many as four times a week. Over time, the victimization made Chad question his sexuality. "My first sexual experience was with my father, and obviously, I didn't like what was happening," he says. "But the feeling...that's why most men feel so shameful is because the fact that it feels good to their body."

When Chad was 17, he finally found the courage to tell his mother and sister about the abuse, but he says they didn't believe him at first. "I don't know what was worse: the abuse itself or the aftermath of just feeling abandoned by your whole family," he says.


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