Oprah says many sexual abuse survivors, including Patrick and Kevin, were targeted and groomed by their perpetrators. "It was never your fault," Oprah says. "The predator goes after whoever he thinks he can take, literally, and grooms you specifically."

Looking back, Patrick says he thinks he and his brother were targeted by the priest because they weren't the smartest or most popular, and they were known for being mischievous. "People always second-guessed us," Patrick says. "I think he took it upon himself to say, 'These are easy targets.'"

Patrick and Kevin say the priest would call them out of class or tell their parents they were needed for a Mass or wedding on the weekends, but those stories were lies. "We knew what was going to happen," Kevin says.

"Every single time," Patrick says. "It was just a matter of how severe it was going to be, how long it was going to be, how quick we can get it over with."


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