When identical twins Patrick and Kevin's parents sent them to Catholic school, they assumed it was a safe environment, but what they say happened there has haunted the twins for more than 30 years.

Patrick and Kevin were in third grade when they became altar boys and a priest began to single them out, they say. "He'd pull us out of class and say, 'I need the twins to do a Mass or a funeral,'" Patrick says.

At first, Kevin says he and his brother were excited to get out of class and receive special treatment. "We thought he was like the second coming," Kevin says. "[We thought], 'This guy's doing us favors,' but later down the line, we realized why."

This priest wanted the 8-year-old twins for more than just serving at Masses, weddings and funerals. Patrick and Kevin say the priest began sexually abusing them. "It started with just simple spanking," Patrick says. "I'd go over his knee, and he'd casually touch our private parts."

The twins say the abuse escalated during the next 13 years, and the priest began molesting them five to seven times a week...sometimes twice a day. As the abuse became more frequent, they say it also became more horrific.


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