When the abuse was taking place, Chad says his mother was sometimes in the house. One time, he says, she was even in the same room. "I remember a specific time we went to Myrtle Beach," he says. "We stopped at a hotel on the way home, and her and my sister were sleeping in the bed right next to us."

Chad says he wonders if his mother had an inclination that something was going on. "There was times where she would walk down the stairs, and he jumped up, kind of pushed me away," he says. To this day, Chad's mother is still married to his father.

Now that he's a father of two, Chad takes steps to keep his children safe. He says his sons are allowed to spend time with his mother, but they're never allowed to be alone with his father. "My mom knows that if she picks the kids up from my house to take them to go get something to eat, she doesn't go back to the house with him," Chad says. "They will never spend a night there."

Chad has been to therapy and taken steps to put his past behind him, but he says he still holds a lot of anger inside. "The problem is I take it out on the wrong people," he says. "I still have a lot of resentment. I've tried to release some of it—and I think I have—but it's not completely gone. Not at all."

"I hope today is the beginning of an open door for you," Oprah says. "I hope it is."


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