One more woman has spoken out in reaction to Mackenzie's story. Jessica Woods is the daughter of Denny Doherty, the other male singer in the Mamas & the Papas. In an e-mail to The Oprah Show, Jessica wrote: "I just watched your show with Mackenzie Phillips. Tears are running down my face. Everything she said is true. My dad told me the awful truth. He was horrified at what John had done and knew all of it." 

Mackenzie says she is not surprised that Jessica knew what had happened. "It was absolutely known by other people, but I'm telling my story. So for me to put other people on the spot to have to comment on this, it's not fair," she says. "I can count on two hands the people that could corroborate my story. But put more people in the line of fire? No."

Now that her story is out, Mackenzie says she is ready to move forward. "The outpouring of support for survivors shows me that maybe I can help be a voice. I don't know. But my path is becoming clearer to me the more clarity I get on what people are saying."


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