Some of the strongest reactions to Mackenzie's allegations have come from her family. Her half-sister Bijou Phillips addressed the issue in a statement she sent to The Oprah Show. "When I was 13, Mackenzie told me that she had a consensual sexual relationship with our father. This news was confusing and it was also scary, as I lived alone with him since I was 3. I didn't know what to believe and it didn't help that shortly thereafter, Mackenzie told me it didn't happen. Mackenzie's history with our father is hers, but also clouded with 30 years of drug abuse. I hope she can come to terms with this and find peace. The life I had with my father was very different. He was Mr. Mom. He was encouraging and loving. The man that raised me would never be capable of doing such things. And if he was, it was heartbreaking for me to think that my family would leave me alone with him. I understand Mackenzie's need to come clean with a history that she feels will help others, but it's devastating to have the world watch as we try and mend broken fences, especially when the man in question isn't here to defend himself." 

Mackenzie says she hasn't spoken to Bijou since she came clean with her story, but for years they had been extremely close. Mackenzie didn't put up a fight when her sister lived with her father, she says, because she felt Bijou was safe. "My father, by the time that Bijou was living with him, had changed his ways as much as he was able to," she says. "Maybe I did her a disservice; I don't know." The one time she did feel Bijou wasn't being properly cared for, Mackenzie says she took her out of the house. Still, Mackenzie says she never thought her sister was in any sexual danger.


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