Tom Cruise and Oprah

Tom Cruise is back with a new movie and a new love! Oprah recently saw Tom and his girlfriend Katie Holmes at the Legends Ball—a star-studded gala thrown by Oprah to honor African-American women.

"It was more than fun, and it was more than great," Tom says of the Legends Ball. "It was historic. What Oprah did by acknowledging those women...they've not only had an impact on women, and African-American women, but on men, and on the world. They really have changed the culture for the better. It's a great inspiration."
Tom Cruise jumps for joy!

Everybody's been talking about Tom's romance with actress Katie Holmes. And Tom can't stop gushing about Katie!

Tom said that he recently talked to War of the Worlds director Steven Spielberg about his new love, and Steven also commented on the state of Tom's bliss. "[Steven] said, 'Man, you look so happy.'" Tom explains. "I love relationships. ... It just happened. I kept looking [at Katie] and thinking, 'This woman's amazing.' I'm happy that I'm with her. She's amazing, and I'd think the same of her even if she wasn't with me—she's just amazing."
Tom Cruise and Oprah

Katie once told Seventeen magazine that her dream was to marry Tom Cruise—long before she ever knew him. Oprah reminds Tom that she's been in the dream-making business all season. So Oprah asks, "Tom, are you in the dream-making business?"

"I don't want to disappoint her," Tom says. "That's something I have to discuss with her personally, but you know..."
Tom Cruise

Premiere magazine recently named Tom Cruise "The Greatest Living Movie Star" and fans are counting the days until his summer sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds hits theaters June 29th. Tom stars as Ray, a self-centered father estranged from his family. He's taking care of his children for a weekend, when suddenly, the world comes under a vicious attack by an unknown force. Mass hysteria spreads as the entire human race realizes aliens have invaded. Ray and his family are forced to run for their lives.

Tom is working on War of the Worlds with friend/director Steven Spielberg again after their blockbuster hit Minority Report. Steven gave Tom 84 pages of the script for his birthday, and said, "You've got to read this!" Tom says he was immediately on board.

"We decided to make this movie, and it's incredible the people that came together," Tom says. "We didn't compromise on anything. I never felt rushed. ... It was always a huge epic picture, but it's a very personal story."
Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise

Steven Spielberg took a break from finishing up War of the Worlds to send a special message to Tom:

"Working with Tom," Steven says, "is one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given by this business.

"I hope that Tom will say a little bit about War of the Worlds [on the show] and you don't just obsess about Tom and Katie, Katie and Tom," Steven jokes. "Talk a little bit about War of the Worlds because we're opening really soon!"
Dakota Fanning

Actress Dakota Fanning plays Tom's daughter in War of the Worlds. She also has a message for Tom and Oprah:

"It's Dakota here in Australia filming Charlotte's Web," she says, "and Oprah, I know you are in this movie too, and I just want to let you know that your goose is behaving like a true lady. You would be real proud of her!

"I was real excited about meeting Tom the first time," Dakota says. "He came over and said, 'We're making War of the Worlds, baby!'

"Tom, I just want to thank you. You made me a better actress. I'll never forget my memories with you and I love you!"
Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise

Stacey is married to Tom Cruise...the other Tom Cruise. Her husband is a regular guy who happens to share a name with the Hollywood star. She knows it would be a dream come true for him to meet his namesake, so The Oprah Winfrey Show arranges for the Toms to meet—only the "regular" Tom thinks he's coming on the show to talk about sharing a name with a famous person! He's shocked to walk out and see the famous Tom Cruise.

"Good to meet you, man," the "regular" Tom says. "People always say, 'Where's the real Tom Cruise?' I say, 'I am the real Tom Cruise—I'm just not the rich, famous, good-looking one!"
Tom Cruise

How is Tom doing with joint parenting since his divorce from Nicole Kidman? "Nic and I are doing a terrific job," Tom says. "I'm really proud with how we're raising the kids. I think we're both really proud."
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

"We've talked so much about her," Oprah says. "Tom, tell Katie to come out!"

Tom runs to the green room to grab his girl. "What does this feel like when you grew up wanting to marry Tom Cruise," Oprah asks Katie, "and now you're standing here holding his hand in front of millions of people?"

"I know!" Katie says. "I'm glad I was a big dreamer."