Although they played the part of one of the most romantic couples in history, Ali and Ryan's real-life love stories weren't always picture perfect. Ali has described her relationship with Steve McQueen as passionate, dramatic, hurtful and ecstatic. "It was a great love affair, without a doubt," she says.

Ali's definition of love, she says, has changed over the years. "There are so many kinds of love, and they're all very intense for me. I've had to learn that there's friendship love, there's ex-lovers' love, there's ex-husbands' love, there's kid love, your animals," Ali says. "Love is enormous."

In the past, Ali says she wasn't a good partner. "I'm on my own now, but I was an atrocious partner," she says. "Most importantly, I never told anybody who I was. I wanted them to read my mind about what I wanted instead of taking a chance."

Ryan's definition of love is simple. "It means never having to say you're sorry," he jokes.

In all seriousness, Ryan says he wasn't always a good partner, but over the years, he improved. "Farrah taught me," he says.

Ryan talks about his love affair with Farrah and her battle with cancer. 


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