It's hard to believe, but Ali is 71 years old—and she's not afraid to say it. There was a time, however, when she didn't feel so confident. While working on a television series, she says she went under the knife and had plastic surgery on her neck. "I did [the surgery] a long time ago because it's relentlessly terrifying to look at yourself on that monster screen, especially if people are fantasizing about you at 28," she says.

Ali says she's not against plastic surgery when it's done for the right reasons, but she thinks some people in the entertainment industry have crossed a line. "I think we live in a time where people are just insane on the subject of how they look," she says.

The message Hollywood sends women in their 30s and 40s is one of fear, Ali says. "I don't want to think that I should roll over and check out because 40 years ago I had a hit movie and now I'm living with my cat and dog in the mountains in Santa Fe—as if that's a step down," Ali says. "We just get to choose different things."

"Everybody's trying to hold onto what was instead of being present for what is," Oprah says.


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