Ali tried to reignite her acting career, but her performances earned a series of scathing reviews. Then, at a 1985 charity event called The Night of 100 Stars, Ali says she realized she was no longer the toast of Hollywood. "It was actually 300 stars," Ali says. "ABC did it, and they featured people we know and love: Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Angie Dickinson."

All of the actresses were given beautiful dresses to wear, and Ali says they were told to walk across the Radio City Music Hall stage in a specific order. "At the point that I was given the worst dress, and I was number 299 walking across Radio City—I got it," she says.

Ali admits her pride got the best of her, and she felt like a loser. "So I got really loaded that night and woke up next to somebody I hadn't planned to spend the night with, if you want to know," she says. "It was total ego."


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