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Linda's Son
Although some people think that Lance was married to his now ex-wife Kristin when he was diagnosed with cancer, Lance and Kristin hadn't even started dating yet. The woman who stood by Lance through his cancer treatment was his mom, Linda.

Linda had Lance when she was just 17. As a single mother, she often worked two jobs to provide for him. "Lance was a high-energy young man," she recalls. "Definitely like a little tornado that just fills that big urge to go off and show everybody, 'Hey, watch me. I can do this.'"

"She was everything to me," Lance says. "She was my coach. She was my friend. She was my motivator. She was my nutritionist. She was my driver. You know, everything. Cheerleader. She was everything to me when I was a kid. So naturally, when I got older and I would get in a tough situation, I would call her. And the one thing that she always stressed to me wasn't, like, 'You've got to win today, son.' Or, 'Go out there and win.' [But instead], 'Just give it your best and don't quit. Don't ever quit.' And that carries through, even today. That's my attitude either in a bike race or an illness or talking to somebody that's just been diagnosed [with cancer or an illness]: just don't quit. And I got all that from her."