Dolly has the fame and fortune most can only dream of, but she says her upbringing taught her to take nothing for granted. "I get a lot of that from my dad. I never spend a dollar that I don't think about it," she says. "It's hard for me to spend like a huge amount on one outfit, like to go to Beverly Hills and say, 'Oh, there's a coat for $5,000.' I'd rather go to Wal-Mart and get a whole bunch of stuff."

Dolly says her spirituality also keeps her grounded. "My grandpa was a preacher. My grandmother was very religious, and she believed through God all things are possible," she says. "Every day I pray about all I do."

Dolly even has a special place to pray on her tour bus. "It keeps me strong," she says. "It's best to get outside yourself and it helps to keep some of the pressure off to give it back and ask for help, and I'm not ashamed or afraid to do that."


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