Patrick cleaned up, and he and Lisa got back together, but it still took work, she says. "It still was very tough, and it was later on that we just had a moment where we both walked through the door at the same time in a willingness to be in love with each other," she says. "The fact that we loved each other was never in doubt." 

Over the years, Lisa says people have asked them their secret to a long marriage. "When you come down to it, it's work. It's really being willing to work and hang in there that long."

Moving on will be hard, but Lisa says she knows that Patrick would want her to enjoy the rest of her life. "I had a moment where I thought, 'If I was really courageous, I would be open to the possibility that I could go on in life,'" she says. "I've been really blessed to have a man who always believed in me and thought I was smart and beautiful and good...all these wonderful things. And I hope that I can continue to prove that he was right about me."


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