The last two years with her husband were precious, Lisa says, but one of her fondest memories is their vow renewal ceremony. "We had always thought about doing that, both of us, and when we acknowledged that out loud, we went, 'Well, let's go ahead and do it,'" she says. "It was incredibly magical. It was a fairy-tale day." Patrick even rode in on a stallion.
"After 34 years, finally he rides in on a white horse!" Lisa says. "I was happy." 

They were together for more than three decades, but like any marriage, Lisa says the relationship took work. In Time of My Life, which she co-wrote with Patrick before his death, she reveals that they separated for about a year. "He had some drinking issues and some very dark thoughts," she says. "I didn't think he would live through it, frankly. And I didn't want to be there to watch him die. Not like that."


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