For someone who grew up in the spotlight, Lisa Marie is a very private person who prefers to avoid the public eye. "It's just not in my nature to do that sort of thing," she says. Yet, she could not help but fall in love with Michael, one of the most famous men in the world.

"He was an incredible, dynamic person," she says. "He had something so intoxicating about him, and when he was ready to share with you and be himself—I don't know if I've ever been that intoxicated by anything. ... He was like a drug for me."

People could not get enough of Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson. Since Michael was promoting an album during their relationship, there were many public appearances to make—including an appearance on the 1994 MTV Movie Awards that became known for the couple's famous onstage kiss.

"He knew I didn't love that," Lisa Marie says. "I would be there, uncomfortably. And his hand was blue after we got off that stage. ... I had squeezed it so hard. ... But as his wife, I needed to do some things like that."


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