Sue is also taking care of Teco, Kanzi's 3-month-old son. When Teco was born, Dr. Sue says his mother passed him off to another bonobo, who passed him to her. "For all practical purposes, I'm Teco's mother," Dr. Sue says. "Teco sleeps right with me. We're in that little room where we watch TV. We each have a futon."

Dr. Sue says she stays with Teco day and night. As a fourth-generation bonobo raised around humans, she believes this ape may develop even more sophisticated language skills than his father, Kanzi.

Does this mean she thinks Teco will actually be able to talk one day? "We don't know...he might," Dr. Sue says. "This is a real, honest attempt to cross the boundary and understand the species' differences in the role of language and the development of rational thought."


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