Both Sister Mary Judith and Sister Francis Mary admit they experienced an adjustment period after giving their lives to God. "The very first day I entered I was, like, 'What did I just do?'" Sister Mary Judith says.

Sister Francis Mary says she had a hard time filtering out the things society once told her were important, such as material possessions, wealth and sex. "I really had to weed it out, if you will, slowly. Because you can't just isolate yourself into a little bubble suddenly," she says. "That's why, when I did enter the community, there's that first year of postulancy, which is really a year of being introduced to the life to know how to let go of all these things."

Both sisters say there were times they could have turned back, and no woman is forced to stay. "There's many periods," Sister Mary Judith says. "You're in discernment for basically seven years before you make your final vows."


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