Since the Dominican Sisters of Mary was established 13 years ago, Sister Mary Samuel says they are seeing more interest than ever from prospective nuns who want to serve more than just themselves. "Our culture is certainly a very challenging culture to live in. It's very secular. Very materialistic. Getting more so," she says. "But our Lord is still calling them to himself. So all our life is a journey toward God and our life, as religious, is a more intimate journey that we have allowed ourselves that time by freeing ourselves from material things, through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience."

Sister Mary Samuel says the most difficult vow for any nun is that of obedience. Once that is overcome, nothing but good can come. "Everyone has to do the will of God, and when we're doing that, we're the greatest and happiest people. But we have that struggle because we like to do our own will," she says. "We're able to, in religious life, gear that and have that time in silence and prayer to grow closer to him. Our journey is to him and that union, and then we, by being his spouse, we are spiritual mothers as we're mothers to all the children we serve."

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