Lisa's family thought the relative who witnessed the massacre, Yuri, was dead, so Lisa took matters into her own hands. She flew to Ilya, Belarus, the town where her great-grandmother lived and died, to piece together the past.

Local historians helped Lisa find records that documented her great-grandmother's murder. Next to Meri Mordejovich's name, the ledger stated that she was a Jewish housewife from Ilya who'd been killed and burned.

"I knew my great-grandmother was murdered," Lisa says. "But to hear the words 'killed and burned,' that's worse than I thought."

Then, Lisa visited the place where her great-grandmother and countless others were shot and buried. "How do you prepare for the last moment of your life, knowing what's coming?" Lisa says. "You watch the people before you and know that's your fate, while you're naked and humiliated and waiting for your turn to get shot."


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